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Faculty of Agronomy of Mendelu in Brno
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.:Nabídka stáží pro studenty AF v USA

We offer programs in Poultry, Swine, Dairy, Cropping, Green Houses, Turf Management, and others. Our program places either undergraduate or recent graduates with farm operations all over the USA. They are paid an hourly wage and usually live in shared housing at a very reasonable rate. The program is 12 months in length and operates on a J-1 Visa. Participants are given the opportunity to work alongside Americans at the operations where they train. This is a hands on experience 45-50 hours per week. We provide free health and accident insurance and the program price is $575.00 usd. The participants pay their own airfare and are picked up at the airport by their host farm. If you would like more information please respond to me by email Dave Dahl,

Další info na nástěnce AF v budově C u zahraničního oddělení.