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.:Nabídka stipendia do Koreji

Korejská univerzita hledá jednoho studenta, který by dostal stipendium vlády na odstudování magisterského nebo doktorského, příčemž se počítá se studiem korejštiny. 

Zde jsou došlé informace, některé podklady jsou v přílohách. Pokud máte zájem, napište email Aleně Hooperové o přílohy.

1. Scholarship program: 1 year of Korean language program + 2 years of Master’s or 3 years of Doctoral program

2. Amount of scholarship                                             (approx. US$1=1,200KRW)

- 100% tuition fee (Korean language courses and a graduate degree program) waive, round trip air fare

- Living expenses (monthly allowance): 900,000KRW (approx. US$750) per month

- Research allowance 210,000KRW~240,000KRW (US$175~200), settlement allowance 200,000KRW (US$167), dissertation printing costs 500,000KRW~800,000KRW (US$416~667), medical insurance 20,000KRW (US$17 per month), degree completion grants 100,000KRW (US$83) and etc.


3. Qualifications & required documents: [Attachment]

  - [Very important] Please thoroughly review the attached Admission Guidelines.

- Applicants must have a grade point average (G.P.A.) higher than 80% (grades/marks/score) from the previously attended institution. Considering high competitions among applicants, we hope you can recommend an applicant who holds over 85% of his/her grade point average (G.P.A.) for better chances.


4. How to Apply: You must choose only 1 (one) method from either option A or B.

- Option A: Sending application documents to Pai Chai University in Korea.

   * Application period at PCU: February 5th (Mon) ~ March 9th (Fri), 2018

- Option B: Sending application materials to the nearby Korean embassy (or consulate) in/from your country.


- NIIED selection committee will only choose the successful candidates.

- Selection Schedule in 2018

* Announcement for the Results of the 2nd Selection (NIIED): April 23rd ~24tht (posted on GKS websites:

* Admission Procedures for the Korean Embassies Track: May 2nd~June 1st

* Announcement for Final Successful Candidates: June 19th (GKS websites: )

* Invitation Letters: June 20th~29th

* Visa Application: July 2nd~31st and Air ticket reservation: July 9th~August 10th

* Entry into Korea: August 20th~22nd

* NIIED Orientation: August 27th~29th

* Korean Language Course: September 1st, 2018(TBA)

Ryan Jongseok Park

Office of International Affairs, Pai Chai University, the Republic of Korea

Contact: / +82 42 520 5243