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International Cooperation Department

Ing. Daniel Falta, Ph.D.
Proděkan pro zahraniční studia
Assistant Professor - Department of Animal Breeding (FA)
Vice-dean - Faculty of AgriSciences
+420 545 133 214
BA01N1095 (A1.95)

Bc. Alena Hooperová
Referentka pro zahraniční studia
Stud. referentka pro MS a praxe Bc - Dean's Office of the Faculty of AgriSciences (FA)
+420 545 133 398
BA03N1050 (C1.50)

Key Dates - Students


  • applications (within networks) into winter term: June 15th 
  • applications (withing networks) to summer term: October 31
  • applications (outside networks or for free places within networks): November 30th

Billateral Agreements

  • applications for 2014: by 13/12/2013